Meet Ashley

HOORAY! Welcome Friends. 

I am Ashley if you hadn't guessed that already.
I am so excited you are here and cannot wait to share my love for watercolor painting! Watercolor has brought me so much joy. I don't have a rhyme or reason for things I create, I think that's one of the things I've loved the most. I can do what I love and I can share it for others to love as well. 

I have always had a passion for art in so many forms from painting, photography, home decor, and everything in between. It's just hands down my jam! On top of this I have a ridiculous amount of house plants, like over 100, they bring me peace and joy in this crazy hectic life. 

I am married to my wonderful husband Ryan who is the brains of the family. We have three beautiful daughters Jillian, Mallory and Kate. Our girls are our world. Let me introduce you to them! From Cancer, to special needs, our family is crazy and totally unique. 

Jillian is 10 and our oldest daughter who loves reading, playing video games, and art as well. She can draw for hours and hours and is amazing at depicting perspective. She prefers charcoal pencils and unlimited access to paper (we recycle). She is such a quirky free spirited kid. She has aspergers (autism spectrum disorder) and we all work together to navigate so that she is able to live the best life possible. 

Our daughter Mallory loves reading, snuggling, and has hands down the best laugh in the world. She has a gift of being extremely wise beyond her years, she can see others and is the most empathetic loving child I have ever met. Mallory is a stage 4 neuroblastoma childhood cancer survivor, she was diagnosed with it at 2 months old and is 7 years in remission at 8 years old. We are so blessed for this girl and her bravery and resilience. 

Kate is 6 and our 3rd daughter. She is OBSESSED with care bears. She is limited verbal autistic, which has been a huge journey for our entire family. We are constantly changing gears, reinventing the wheel, and adapting to make sure this girl has every opportunity to grow. She is a gem and my hope for her is that the world continues to be educated on disabilities and she has a place at every table. 
Thank you for your support! 
Xoxo - Ashley